Best Jeans for Mature Women

Perfectly faded, with a narrow leg and a bit of stretch, these have a casual vibe, a lean, flattering shape, and are comfortable enough to wear at the playground. Downtown skinny jeans,, $

Plus I don't like looking down and seeing all of my shoe. I enjoyed learning the lingo of jeans as well as your visit to the factory.

Perfectly faded, with a narrow leg and a bit of stretch, these have a casual vibe, a lean, flattering shape, and are comfortable enough to wear at the playground. Downtown skinny jeans,, $
A dearth of plus-size friendly options can make it difficult to find a comfy, flattering fit, but Annette Richmond – a fashion, lifestyle, and travel blogger who is a size 20 – says all of her problems are solved by these Lane Bryant skinny jeans.
Here are the best jeans for women with a round tummy. RELATED: Find Your Most Flattering Jeans. The take away? Streamline your look with high-waisted, dark denim, that hits at the ankle. And.
Apr 07,  · For some women choosing jeans is a minefield with all the new terminology, jargon, and some might say utter nonsense. I will aim to clarify this, as I have contacted my nephew who works at a large fashion house in San Francisco for the latest insider litastmaterlo.gqs:
A dearth of plus-size friendly options can make it difficult to find a comfy, flattering fit, but Annette Richmond – a fashion, lifestyle, and travel blogger who is a size 20 – says all of her problems are solved by these Lane Bryant skinny jeans.
How to Get the Perfect Fitting Jeans

Not Your Daughter’s Tummy Tuck Stretch Jeans

A dearth of plus-size friendly options can make it difficult to find a comfy, flattering fit, but Annette Richmond – a fashion, lifestyle, and travel blogger who is a size 20 – says all of her problems are solved by these Lane Bryant skinny jeans.

And if we might make another suggestion in this category, it would be these high-rise skinny jeans from the Reformation, which come with a little added stretch and sit comfortably under the belly button, but hug your hips in a very flattering way.

This jean is stretchy, comfortable, and perfect for my changing body. We heard about a similar style from actress Casey Wilson , who says she always receives compliments on these Madewell Boyjean boyfriend jeans with a wide cuff. I wore them for a bunch of my pregnancy — but even nonpregnant, they look great.

She says it helps avoid tailoring on her five-two frame, and the style is right. For a more stylized look, Kith visual manager Rachel Grant gravitates toward this cigarette fit from the Reformation. My personal favorite pair of cropped jeans are from Parker Smith, though, because I like the raw edging on the bottom, and the tiny side vents in them are ideal for showing off a pair of short-heeled boots or sneakers.

The straight cut is also not overly fitted, and feels very comfortable for a more casual look. And should you want that non-tailored, slouchy boyfriend look, stylist and graphic designer Jie Zheng points us to these moto boyfriend jeans from Topshop. They have the slouch and roominess of classic boyfriend jeans, but provide a more flattering shape. Mohammad says what she loves about these s is how they enhance curves. Another plus is the flattering back, which Valle says is never saggy or bulgy.

Denim for expecting mothers should of course have more give than your average pair, but you might not want one with an obvious control top. This one from DL balances stretch and style, and according to former Strat editor Jessica Sylvester, it can be worn every day and still maintain its shape.

Their low-rise waist fits right under the belly and expands trimester to trimester. A dearth of plus-size friendly options can make it difficult to find a comfy, flattering fit, but Annette Richmond — a fashion, lifestyle, and travel blogger who is a size 20 — says all of her problems are solved by these Lane Bryant skinny jeans. They have just enough stretch to be comfortable and supportive without being restrictive, or so stretchy that they lose shape easily.

After two or three months, I always get holes in my jeans in the thigh area, but these have lasted after two or three years without doing that at all. Confidence in our appearance comes from within and it doesn't need to be cinched in, strapped up and made to look like we are half our age.

Maturing means feeling comfortable in ourselves and in our clothing choices. I will say that many of the salespeople in stores which specialize in selling jeans, know their stuff. Of course they want to make a sale but they realize that if you are happy with your choice, you'll be back.

The young man, enthusiastically came over to help me. He looked me up and down and recommend a couple different styles and sent me to the dressing room. When I emerged from the dressing room, he cast a knowing eye across the lines of the jeans, requesting me to turn around so he could examine all the lines.

He put his hand to his chin and paused. He was mentally going through the stock of jeans. He knew the style I wanted but more importantly, ones which would suit my body shape and age. I hope that this article has given you the confidence to continue wearing jeans and a little bit of knowledge with the latest buzz words related to them.

I am an older woman with an apple-shaped body and a flat bottom. What jeans would you suggest I wear? If your flat backside is a problem for you, then there are a few options.

One is to wear padded panties; these will give your derriere more definition. Jeans with large rear pockets with help disguise the lack of fullness. Often you can find jeans with large decorative stitching on the back pockets. You don't mention if you are high waisted or not.

For an apple shape, I wouldn't go for a low rise pair, as any excess around the tummy area will spill out. It is really down to personal choice. It's always said that darker colors are more slimming, but there are many women who are already slim and don't need to worry about a color to enhance their shape. I live in Brazil, where women of all sizes wear what they want. It is refreshing to see women who are confident enough to wear anything they like without fear of people staring at them. You can wear whatever color you like as long as you are okay with your choice.

If someone else doesn't like it, that is their problem. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I can tell how exasperated you are by what has happened. When my weight goes up, it goes to the same place, right in my midsection or as my mother used to say, 'the gut'. If you haven't thrown those jeans out yet, I would suggest you contact a seamstress or if you're handy with the sewing machine you could do it.

A good seamstress will be able to open up the waistband and put an extra piece in. Fabric or elastic would work, and if needed she could extend it down into the side seam as well.

Mulitple layers of denim take a strong machine, though. If you can't find a seamstress, an upholster will have machines which are more robust. By doing that, you'll keep the same size in the hips but make the waist more comfortable. Even inserting a V-shape of fabric would work. Although we think we have to buy what is sold by the stores, with a few modifications, anything is possible. If you prefer to wear your blouse or shirt tucked in, a belt or scarf at the waist will hide any alterations.

Your article was helpful but I have a horrible issue. I'm in my upper forties and suddenly within months this year I gained a bunch of weight and all of that weight and I mean every bit of it is in my stomach and waist. As long as they are super low rise but then I have muffin top so I'm forced to wear a huge oversized sweater only.

So my hips are a size eight and that's what size I've always been but this way still saying my waist is 35 in and my hips are only So my hips are a size eight and that's what size I've always been but this waist still saying that I need a size I live in the middle of nowhere and I order most everything online. But my waist and hips are such a drastic difference that I can't imagine of ever going to find a pair of jeans fitting. I may be stuck with just wearing the ones that I have with giant shirts or otherwise not wearing them at all.

I have put on 30 pounds in my waist. This is the craziest thing ever. Literally every other part of my body is exactly the same. Honestly the only thing I can think of is to continue with low rise or purchase jeans that are six times too large just so they will fit my waist.

I'm beginning to think I'm the only one in the world with this problem because I don't see a solution. Other than elastic waist. Not that I would go out and buy those now but I want them to look reasonable. I did find a pair of Levi's that do button but they aren't that comfortable. I have never known anyone to gain that much weight and it plant itself in only one area of the body. Unless women have had implant surgery or spend their lives doing squats, we are all going to have a droopy backside.

Just because large posteriors are in fashion at the moment, we don't have to kick ourselves for a less than perfect derriere. If you're concerned and want to add fullness, there are padded panties you can buy. Some have pockets so you can add the pads when required. These will give you a nice shape but not overly pronounced. Regarding your knees, I would suggest opting for a relaxed fit. These are a little fuller around the knee Or there are some called wide leg jeans.

Although stretch jeans are wonderful, they will show, as you've said, any unevenness. If a relaxed fit is still too tight, normal jeans might not be an option. However, there are styles such as culottes, Capri, and palazzo pants. All of these can be found in chambray which is a denim-like fabric but softer.

Plus these types of pants have the wow factor. We, women, have grabbed our jeans out of habit almost as a security blanket. But there are other women who opt for something to make them stand out in a crowd. Any of those I have mentioned should be wide enough to accommodate your knees.

If the compression items you're wearing are socks, then long flowing palazzo pants would be a great choice. They are very feminine and comfortable! Remember, with most online shops, such as Amazon, they offer free returns so you can try them on at home and get a feel for them. I'm glad you found the information useful.

If you really like skinny jeans, then you could always wear them with a flowing hip length top. That will cover up your waist but still allow you to wear skinnies. Although I love the bootcut style, I have long slender legs and occasionally like to flaunt them. Skinny jeans and heels or boots look great. We all have to reassess our body shapes and our clothing choices as we age. We don't have to wear what the stores suggest but we do have to be honest with ourselves.

We have to dress to please ourselves and not others. My knees are very large and my rear end has "drooped". I wear compression wraps and stretch jeans show every velcro strap. Size 20 is good except for thigh to waist. I have tried on more skinnies than I can tell you and can never find one that works. You mentioned that skinnies don't work for certain waistlines - mine happens to be thick and I also measure longer in the legs than in the torso.

Your comments helped me to figure out that my figure just isn't right for that type of fit I love slim fit jeans and sometimes bootcut which goes along with your advice.

Thanks so much for a terrific article and re-assuring what I was discovering about my figure. You clearly stated what I was discovering but couldn't put into categories. I'm sorry to hear that.

Perhaps jeggings might be better. They are leggings but with a look of denim. Jeans, although I love them, are a lot of thick fabric and if you want a sleek look it can be difficult.

I have quite a few pairs of casual pants with drawstrings. I'm finding waistbands on some pants, very confining and irritating. I enjoyed learning the lingo of jeans as well as your visit to the factory. I must confess to wearing "pull-up" or elastic waisted jeans which works for a person whose weight bounces up and down 10 pounds throughout the year. Too old for low rise and always hated zippers.

I will wear jeggings with a mini dress or tunic. As an older woman I wonder how you feel about elastic waists for people who can still stand upright. I know it's pathetic but I don't care about that, as you can see from my photo my clothes don't always match either. Now that I am in the tropics, I wear jeans less during the day but if we are out in the evening, I wear them. I think you should go for it, have a day just jeans shopping and see if that past love of jeans is rekindled. I have not worn jeans for over 10 years, but one thing I can say about your article, it gives me confidence.

You make it sound so easy and doable. I am giving my cupcake another chance, hahaha. I too have a flat bottom but have decided, I prefer it. Who wants to be carrying all that excess around behind them? Believe it or not, wearing jeans with large back pockets or ones with a design on the rear pocket helps. Paris Hilton, also has a flat tush, who knew we were in such company! I like straight jeans, but I have a relatively big waist for my size and a flat bottom.

The pop up survey you posted on this site before I had a chance to read it just made me crazy. If you want me to like your article you need to back off on the response questions until the end.

I'm pleased you found it interesting. I think there are many women who don't realize about the height of their waists and how this can affect clothing choices. This is the best article for "mature" women that I have ever read. I especially appreciate the information about short- and long-waisted measurements. I have shared your website on Facebook.

Hi Vespa, sorry for the late reply, I don't know what happened. Straight jeans are a popular choice with many women as they look timeless. Also if you wear nice shoes they don't get lost under a boot cut flare.

Hi Glenis, happy belated birthday to you. I love the Per Una range of clothing. I agree with enjoying a bit of stretch in the jeans, it helps keep the shape and we can still get a nice fit. I'm 69 years old as of last Sunday and I spend most of my waking hours in jeans. Straight leg with a little stretch, from Marks and Spencer, are my preference for a good fit - and they cost a lot less than the best known brands.

This is a very informative article. I appreciate all the tips on style and cut. It's true that our bodies change over the years and we have to take many factors into account when choosing the right pair of jeans. I prefer straight but not too skinny jeans. It's really down to personal choice.

I think with anything if a person feels overweight or carries extra pounds around the hips, a dark color will help to mask this.

Small rear pockets also help with this. I personally don't care for light color jeans. A slight fade is okay but I feel if I have something too light, it looks too worn. I think young women can wear it, but for me, I prefer a light colored top and mid to dark jeans. Another reason I prefer a darker shade is like yourself, I'm active. I don't wash my jeans every time I wear them. I try and wear them a few times until they get too loose before washing.

I was wondering about colour which you didn't touch on, whether light or dark wash. I also just turned 76 but feel 50 and act 40, retired but still ride horseback, bike, ski and skate. I live in Canada.

Still not decided on the colour, light for summer, dark for winter or does it matter? I think we all are a bit lopsided to be honest with you.

There is nothing wrong with wearing an elastic waistband as many of the manufacturers have incorporated this as a feature. The point is, we as mature women have options above and beyond what the glossy magazines show on their rake thin models. We are definitely not too old. I too like the boot cut as I think it is more flattering. Plus I don't like looking down and seeing all of my shoe.

I need your GAP guy to help me find a nice-fitting, comfortable pair of jeans. I have a lopsided figure, so I settle for elastic in the waist.

Perhaps your excellent information will help me find something without elastic that would actually work. I wear boot cut myself for the comfort and style. I'm glad to know we are never too old for jeans.

I have the same problem, but as you say, now we are lucky to have the shape we do. You are right to think that some jeans aren't flattering on those of us with a flat backside.

Selecting a pair of jeans with larger rear pockets will help disguise the lack of a booty. Plus it is much easier to do that then hit the gym for a round of squats.

I used to hate it that I had no butt and no hips, but found out in my older years that it was a blessing in disguise. At least now I know what all these terms mean if I see them.

I think it is easy to get carried away when you see something new you like. But we have to stop and ask ourselves, 'does this really suit me. I don't wear jeans normally but I loved going through all the information you shared about jeans. I agree we should dress according to our age. And dressing gracefully is very important. We must understand what suits our personality and should not get carried away by what others are wearing.

Much of this information also applies to other pants as well. You're right, you have to be comfortable. I don't think that I ever owned a pair of jeans.

If I did start wearing them I would go for comfort first. I do wear pants however in different styles. You certainly have your jean jargon perfected! I hope the lack of jeans in your wardrobe isn't age related. I know my Grandmother never wore trousers until she was over This is quite an education for me no jeans in my wardrobe right now. At least, I can upgrade my jeans vocabulary.

High rise are preferred by many women specifically because they can flatter us as you say. Thanks for your visit. Low rise is everywhere and it's been ages. Finding high rise is pretty difficult. But it's so much more flattering for women's bodies - young or mature.

I think many women past the age of 40 find it difficult. Clothing manufactures have forgotten about us in their quest to clothe the millennials.

We are often left with the choice of clothing which is too young or something only our grandmothers would wear. Well, I'm not really sure what to say about all this mature women clothing stuff I love what you said about having better bodies than the younger generation but not having to flaunt it.

Love that line and truth. My advice to attractive women When you've got it, less effort in displaying it all is better in many cases. For what it's worth. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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Short Waist, Long Waist or Normal? Measure the distance from your armpit A to your natural waist W.

The Most Flattering Jeans for Your Body Type. By. Lauren Bernstein. The perfect pair of jeans can be life-changing. See how these street-style geniuses found theirs—then shop your shape. A dearth of plus-size friendly options can make it difficult to find a comfy, flattering fit, but Annette Richmond – a fashion, lifestyle, and travel blogger who is a size 20 – says all of her problems are solved by these Lane Bryant skinny jeans. Unless your name’s Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, looking slim in a pair of white jeans is impossible. Or so I thought until I tried 3x1’s Channel Seam Ankle Jeans ($) in White/Black Coated, which have a contrasting inseam stripe that gives the illusion of slender legs.