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An arrow is a fin-stabilized projectile that is launched via a bow, and usually consists of a long straight stiff shaft with stabilizers called fletchings, as well as a weighty (and usually sharp and pointed) arrowhead attached to the front end, and a slot at the rear end .
Arrow Plaid button up short sleeve shirt is in very good and clean condition. Measurements: Collar 17
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Arrow Plaid button up short sleeve shirt is in very good and clean condition. Measurements: Collar 17

Some arrows may simply use a sharpened tip of the solid shaft, but it is far more common [ citation needed ] for separate arrowheads to be made, usually from metal, horn, or some other hard material. Arrowheads are usually separated by function:. Arrowheads may be attached to the shaft with a cap, a socketed tang , or inserted into a split in the shaft and held by a process called hafting.

Split-shaft construction involves splitting the arrow shaft lengthwise, inserting the arrowhead, and securing it using a ferrule , sinew, or wire.

Fletchings are found at the back of the arrow and act as airfoils to provide a small amount of force used to stabilize the flight of the arrow. They are designed to keep the arrow pointed in the direction of travel by strongly damping down any tendency to pitch or yaw.

Some cultures, for example most in New Guinea , did not use fletching on their arrows. Fletchings are traditionally made from feathers often from a goose or turkey bound to the arrow's shaft, but are now often made of plastic known as "vanes".

Historically, some arrows used for the proofing of armour used copper vanes. With conventional three-feather fletching, one feather, called the "cock" feather, is at a right angle to the nock, and is normally nocked so that it will not contact the bow when the arrow is shot.

Four-feather fletching is usually symmetrical and there is no preferred orientation for the nock; this makes nocking the arrow slightly easier. Natural feathers are usually prepared by splitting and sanding the quill before gluing. Further, the feather may be trimmed to shape, die-cut or burned by a hot electrically-heated wire. It's crucial that all the feathers of an arrow have the same drag, so manual trimming is rarely used by modern fletchers.

The burning-wire method is popular because different shapes are possible by bending the wire, and the fletching can be symmetrically trimmed after gluing by rotating the arrow on a fixture. Some fletchings are dyed. Two-toned fletchings usually make each fletching from two feathers knit together.

The front fletching is often camouflaged, and the rear fletching bright so that the archer can easily track the arrow. Artisans who make arrows by hand are known as "fletchers," a word related to the French word for arrow, flèche. This is the same derivation as the verb "fletch," meaning to provide an arrow with its feathers.

Glue and thread are the traditional methods of attaching fletchings. A "fletching jig" is often used in modern times, to hold the fletchings in exactly the right orientation on the shaft while the glue hardens.

Whenever natural fletching is used, the feathers on any one arrow must come from the same wing of the bird. The most common being the right-wing flight feathers of turkeys. The slight cupping of natural feathers requires them to be fletched with a right-twist for right wing, a left-twist for left wing.

This rotation, through a combination of gyroscopic stabilization and increased drag on the rear of the arrow, helps the arrow to fly straight away. Most arrows will have three fletches, but some have four or even more.

Fletchings may also be cut in different ways, the two most common being parabolic i. In modern archery with screw-in points, right-hand rotation is generally preferred as it makes the points self-tighten. In traditional archery, some archers prefer a left rotation because it gets the hard and sharp quill of the feather farther away from the arrow-shelf and the shooter's hand. A flu-flu is a form of fletching, normally made by using long sections of full length feathers taken from a turkey, in most cases six or more sections are used rather than the traditional three.

Alternatively two long feathers can be spiraled around the end of the arrow shaft. The extra fletching generates more drag and slows the arrow down rapidly after a short distance, about 30 m or so. Flu-Flu arrows are often used for hunting birds, or for children's archery, and can also be used to play Flu-Flu Golf.

In English it is common to say "nock an arrow" when one readies a shot. A nock is a notch in the rearmost end of an arrow.

It helps keep the arrow correctly rotated. It also keeps the arrow from slipping sideways during the draw or after the release. It also helps maximize the arrow's energy i. Some archers mark the nock position with beads, knots or wrappings of thread. The main purpose of a nock is to control the rotation of the arrow. Arrows bend when released. If the bend hits the bowstave, the arrow's aim will be thrown off. Wooden arrows have a preferred bending-plane.

Synthetic arrows have a designed bending plane. Usually this plane is determined by the grain of the wood of the arrow, or the structure of a synthetic arrow. The nock's slot should be rotated at an angle chosen so that when the arrow bends, it avoids or slides on the bowstave. Almost always this means that the slot of the nock must be perpendicular to the wood's grain, viewed from behind. Self nocks are slots cut in the back of the arrow.

These are simple, but can break at the base of the slot. Self nocks are often reinforced with glued servings of fiber near the base of the slot. The sturdiest nocks are separate pieces made from wood, plastic, or horn that are then attached to the end of the arrow.

Ancient Arab archery sometimes used "nockless arrows. So Arabs developed bowstrings with a small ring tied where the nock would normally be placed. The rear end of the arrow would be sharpened to a point, rather than slit for a nock. The rear end of the arrow would slip into the ring.

The arrow could be drawn and released as usual. Then the enemy could collect the arrows, yet not shoot them back with a conventional bow. Also, since there was no nock, the nock could not break, and the arrow was less expensive.

A piece of battle advice was to have several rings tied to the bowstring in case one broke. The bend direction of the arrow might have been indicated by its fletching. Arrows are usually finished so that they are not softened by rain, fog or condensation. I didn't like the pen slot when i received the order. But it's not a problem. I have received the shirts, and do enjoy wearing them. They are very comfortable. I will have an order for of at least five other pilots within two weeks. Working on getting their measurements for you at this time.

Meanwhile, please let me know if you kept my measurements on record, as I would like to order three more shirts, in the color white. Thank you, and feel free to correspond via this email. We wanted to let you know that the jacket arrived late this afternoon. I can vouch for WhitePilotShirts and Amit. Your shirts were great to wear even in the war zone in Yemen last month other than routine flying.

Thank you for making the time and making Fabulous Shirts. My shirts arrived today! At first glance the quality looks amazing. I am very happy with them. I will get back to you in a month or two once I know how they are going. Hi, thank you for the shirts, which arrived last Thursday.

A good quality product as per usual. Happy New Year to you too and Thank you for the quick delivery of the shirts. Yeah juat got the leather jacket. Very happy with it. Thanks for socks and bag! The jacket arrived today and it is perfect, thank you. The length is just what I wanted and the fit is very good.

I'm looking forward to wearing it! I have spotted a few of the slight changes. I just tried the trousers, it's very good,. I wanted to let you know that I've already got the stuff with me it's very nice, thanks for your help. The shirts are fabulous, I m very pleased, I will order some more later in the year.

Hi, got the shirts yesterday they are the best shirts that i own. I received the shirts and they are very good. I have to check the long sleeved shirt but I am sure it is great.

I look forward to the trousers and will let you know when I get them. Shirts received- I really like them, worn them this weekend. Many thanks for the service. I have received the shirts, I'm very pleaded with them. I will let my fellow pilots know about your services. I will be ordering 3 more shirts very soon maybe next week. I received the shirts and the fit was correct.

The length of the shirts were a little too long, came to the bottom of my butt, however, that does not really cause a problem. The craftsmanship was excellent and I really appreciate all that you did for me. I have recently received your pilot shirts and I really like them - very high quality and great fit: I would like to buy few more? The shirt I bought was a short sleeve, white, male, pilot shirt. I tried them on and was very very impressed.

The craftsmanship is superb and I am very happy with the quality of the cloth and the fit. I just recieved the shirts today. They fit beautifully, and i am very pleased: The only thing I would like to change when I order more is to adjust how the left pocket is made.

Is it possible to make the left pocket with a false flap with an opening into the pocket so I can easily slide a pair of sunglasses into the breast pocket? I started wearing the full sleeve shirts as its winter now and i will be wearing the half sleeve after Feb next year. I got the shirts today. They are fantastic, you guys have exactly replicated my favourite shirt.

The shirt is amazing and the first officer is not able to concentrate because of the shine: Received the shirts and they fit well. Think I will be back with you soon with another order. The shirts are good thank you. At this stage due to thickness of buttons, it is somewhat difficult to unbutton each button. I guess over time the material will loosen with washing and be easier to unbutton.

Other than that, they fit quite well and I am happy with your product. I am wearing the short sleeve shirt and it fits perfect. Good quality and stylish. Again thank you and I will be in touch for more. My colleagues are impressed too. You might get more offers. I received the collar spines today I just wanted to say absolutely loved your shirts and would definitely call you for another batch soon I love ur dedication towards your product as well.

I wore the shirt today and it is very comfortable, it's great actually. My captain is going to be calling you soon for his shirts as well. Love the material very comfortable which is most important for me. Hi, I received the 6 white shirts this morning and they fit just fine.

My wife would like to know if you make ladies blouse too. Hello, I received the shirt and I am very happy with my purchase. The material is great! Thank you very much for your help and I will be informing my coworkers and friends of your company. The shirts are great. They have attracted many favorable comments, So I am really happy!

Hello, My pilot shirts came in and I like them! I was wondering if you can make dress shirts? Can you give me a cost on 6 shirts? I will make the size a little different, my pattern is Scott Thank you. I would like to order 5 more as a trial for this month and we should be going ahead and order around in the new year for the rest of the pilots.

Hi, the shirt is great and fits perfectly. Please send the other three. Also, please save our measurements because I expect we will order more in the future. The shirts just arrived. I like them very much! My wife says that they have a nice hand and a nice drape.

I will be sure to recommend your company to my frieands. I was surprised when the hotel front desk said I had a package. I got the shirt and am very pleased.

If I wanted to add an inch or two to the front to make it longer is there a new pattern fee. I will pass the word and will order more end of the month. Thanks very much for all you help. My shirt arrived just a few moments ago and I just want to let you know that it looks and fits great. So much nicer than my other shirts and in a material and weight that I was hoping for. I am going to tell my colleagues about your website as they are dissatisfied with their shirts also.

I shall be ordering more shirts soon. I absolutely love the shirts. Should have ran into you earlier. I will be getting some more shirts with logo on them.

Got the shirts last night. I'll be back for long sleeves in the fall. If you get some advertising stuff together, send it my way. Thanks again for everything. Received my shirt and I wanted to thank you for providing one of the best shirts I have ever had! Thank you for providing such a great product! I just wanted to let you know that the shirts arrived today, and that I am very pleased with the result. The shirt fits perfectly, and the overall quality seems to be very good.

I've been able to wear the shirts for some time now, and they are every bit as good as expected. The fit and fabric is both great! I will not hesitate to recommend your site and services. Thanks for quick, professional and informative answers along the way.

White Pilot Shirts is credited with inventing the made-to-measure service for high-end pilotwear. With Private Tailoring, we have taken the creation of custom clothing to new heights, offering a level of service, a range of options and a quality of product that is unparalleled. Providing a level of customer care, attention to detail and personalisation usually only afforded to bespoke commissions, beautiful garments are made to measure at prices more readily associated with ready-to-wear.

The widest range of styles, fits, cloths and ultimately looks are available, leading to an almost infinite number of possibilities. The service begins with a customer either visiting our website or dropping by personally. They may have specific ideas of what they are looking for; others may prefer more suggestion and inspiration.

Our close-knit team will employ its years of experience, along with a wide range of sample garments, imagery, cloth books and other tools to create a picture of the dream wear. Our system driven programmed website does this flawlessly aswell. Not that shirts are the only option.

Everything from uniform shirts, trousers, suits, leather wear to a large variety of accessories are within the bounds of possibility. Private Tailoring provides a truly unique service and level of flexibility.

As ever, our system will gently guide his customer through the process and will be a consistent source of information and expertise. Alongwith it, notes on his build, stance and posture are also recored. If the customer has a personal preference, for instance if he favours a slightly more streamlined or closer garment — or indeed the opposite — this is taken into account and the designs edited.

After a few short weeks the customer's commissioned garment is delivered thru courier. This unique blend gives equal properties of both the material to the shirt, ie.

A closer look of the fabric will reveal tiny openings all over the surface. These 'air pockets' facilitate ventilation and helps in keeping the body cool.

Unlike other uniform makers, our fabric is thin, light weight but dense, thus much more softer and comfortable to use. Keeping in mind the high usage, it is specially created to have a longer lasting whiteness. The shirt brightens further wash after wash and gives a distinct glow under natural light.

Its long and fluffy staples makes the fabric smooth and soft. This twist creates tension in the yarn which makes the fabric wrinkle resistant. Quality of cotton fabric differs by its thickness which is defined by the type of yarn. These'Pin point oxford' weave cotton is available in a large variety from 2 fold 80's upto 2 fold 's. Its easy to care and comfy to wear. Pilot trousers are made of matt weave poly viscose fabric which is most suitable for long hours of use.

The colour is fast and wrinkles dont form easily. Colours available are black, navy and dark grey. White Pilot Shirts opened its first manufacturing setup in , after its 4 years of experience stitching pilot shirts for various pilots. Since then, we have maintained the excellent craftsmanship, quality, service and value of our work.

Alongwith shirts, we also offer Made 2 Measure trousers and leather aviator jackets. There is also a wide variety of accessories to choose from. Made 2 Measure M2M: Most M2M orders are shipped between days subject to card clearance. Orders which are to be shipped together, group or institutional orders may take longer. We ship all orders thru courier service. It may take days for your parcel to reach you. However, local import taxes, custom duty if applicable is to be paid by you. Please note during busy periods such as seasonal sale and Christmas, shipping may take longer.

Roger N - Pilot, UK. Paul F, Pilot - UK. Matthew S - USA. Alexander S - USA. Dirk J - Pilot, Italy. Martin W - Pilot, UK. Marian C - USA. Adrian P - USA. John B - UK. Pat R, Dublin - Ireland. Boris T, Pilot - Serbia.

Thank you Johnny H, UK. Michael S, Pilot - UK. Michael W, Pilot - Australia. Eric E, Captain - JetBlue. Captain Jeff S, Delta Airlines. Carolien L, Captain - Belgium. Nadim J, Pilot - UK. Hello, I ordered shirts from you a while back.

Carolien L - Captain, Belgium. Cesar G - USA. Hi Yes i received the jacket and tried it. Thanks Mehmet Mehmet S, Turkey. All ok and the jacket is beatiful Giovanni B - Italy. Colm C, Pilot - Ireland. Rakan A - USA. Amit, Thanks for the email. Christopher B, Pilot - UK. Grtz, Henk Henk K, Netherland.

Steve R, Pilot - NZ. Have checked the shirts. Thank you to for getting them ready really quick. Unquestionable quality as always. Your shirt's fitting is really good!!

Hi, I have received the jacket today. Aminath I, Captain - Maldives. Captain Rishabh K, Air India. Richard Richard F, UK. Thanks again Josh Z, Pilot. Murray G - Pilot. Thanks again Mary S, UK. Hendrik J - Pilot, UK.

I just tried the trousers, it's very good, many thanks, perhaps I would order other shirts and trousers, can you send me samples of clothes? Marc P - Paris. Marco D - Pilot. Christabelle M - Instructor, UK. Hi, got the shirts yesterday they are the best shirts that i own thay are the best fit i own - good quality good buttons great shirts great fit!! Oliver F - Cadet, UK.

Just received the shirts, they are very nice. Thanks again George A, Pilot. Wishing you ever success in business.

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