53 Creative Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Or honestly, just print out the link and shove that in their stocking. ~Friendship~.

Stainless Steel Hip Flask. Good luck with your search! Make your own marbled chocolate bark to fill the stockings of your loved ones. Facebook Twitter Tumblr Pinterest. The colors work beautifully together.

Or honestly, just print out the link and shove that in their stocking. ~Friendship~.
Stocking Stuffers And Holiday Party Favors. When it comes to stocking stuffers, Oriental Trading has hundreds for you to choose from. And the best part is, you can fill all the grandkids, nieces, nephews or cousins stockings to overflowing without spending a small fortune.
Top 10 Practical Stocking Stuffer Ideas Sometimes the best stocking stuffers are the ones you end up getting the most use out of. Practical stocking stuffers don't have to be boring if you choose gifts that are specific to each person on your list.
Stocking Stuffer Ideas. Southern Living. Fill up their stockings this year with special gifts that we know will be a hit. 1 of 19 Courtesy of Nordstrom. S'well Water Bottle BUY IT: $25; litastmaterlo.gq If you aren't sipping champagne, at least make your water bottle sparkle. (Plus it keeps drinks cold up to 24 hours!).
10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Woman Ok, men this post is for you! We know you want to fill your lady’s Christmas stocking with beautiful, unique gifts that she will love.
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Need some inspiration for what to put in your man's stocking? Check out these fun ideas for Stocking Stuffers for Men shared by your frugal friends! BIG List of Fun Stocking Stuffers for Men! { Ideas} Women and Kids. Leg Lamp Nightlight.

A fun twist on a favorite candy. Paint WIth Water 12 of This is a great art project that could entertain kids for hours! Lipstick Ball Point Pen 13 of A pen secretly hiding out in a fake lipstick container.

Rearview Spy Glasses 14 of Sneaky review spy glasses to watch the dude walking behind you incognito. Thanksgiving Gumballs 15 of Willa Wonka would have killed for this recipe to taste every flavor of Thanksgiving in a single gumball tin. Tipping Etiquitte Guide 16 of A really handy gift for a family member who eats out a lot! Mini Lint Removing Sheets 17 of Super convenient to have a pack of these in your purse. Genius gift for the BBQer in the family. Cherry Pie Mints 19 of I'm not sure how mint got mixed with cherry pie but I'm so intrigued!

Oversized Shamrock Dice 20 of No doubt these dice are super lucky! Is there anyone who may have some different ideas for boys these ages? I get the orange shaped chocolate they come in different flavors now. My husband likes the little cookies and meats at pier one he love the little holidays candies and treats from all over the world. I buy him a few really nice cigars. But mostly he likes a beer basket of different kinds of apple cider and dark beers. And a gift card for music downloads.

My husband is a long haul trucker so he is getting things like nail clippers, wax for his truck, a game,little tools, a movie, Advil, band aids with hot rods on them if I can find them!

Any other suggestions from truckers wives would be appreciated! My boyfriend loves hunting and ice fishing, so this year I got little things like, a new camo knife, a duck call with his name engraved in it, tackle for ice fishing such as jig heads and hooks.

Also other things like beef jerky, candy, smoky BBQ sunflower seeds his favorite , cologne, and air fresheners for his truck!

One of my favorites from this year is the little sponge shapes in the capsules that you put in water. My husband likes gadgets, so I try to find those at hardware and auto part stores. Also, he is a big kid at heart, so I try to find small toys that will remind him of his childhood, like a silly wind up toy or a balsa wood airplane kit or a Matchbox of his favorite car.

He will play with it and show our daughter who is now 4 and eventually it becomes hers, but he enjoys seeing her have fun with something from his childhood. Thanks for the ideas! There are a few things I can definitely use. You could always skip the traditional stocking altogether and replace it with other stuff like: Can someone please tell me where those adorable stocking from the picture are from?!

I need them in my life!!! They have a whole line of scents for men. Plus they always have the free item coupon if you spend a certain amount of money. I always try to think of things that my honey would like on his down time so how about a good book about something he likes, or a music CD of his favorite songs you can do it yourself. As a vegetarian also, maybe your husband would like something useful like his own wooden tea or coffee mug with goodie in it.

My fiance is very hard to shop for and he doesnt want me to spend money on his christmas gift. He wants something unique and thoughtful. He is extremely busy with school, work, an internship and everything else that when he comes home he has to do homework and just wants to relax. I have no idea what to get him that will be unique.

Or that he can help you try it on. And then he may not want to unwrap any more presents except that one!! Those are some really cute ideas… Thank you, I have done some of those things but never thought to attach things to them. I know he would love it. Does he have a favorite food? My dad likes butter pecan, so I made him a big batch of butter pecan granola. Make him a planning calendar for his homework that has time blocked off for date night, or a free pass for a chore he hates stapled to exam week.

My husband is hard to shop for too….. A lady makes night lights out of mini liquor bottles. Cheap and very unique!! I think her store is http: One time I talked him into letting me give him a manicure while he watched a movie on television.

And if she is, make her split it with you. Restaurant gift cards Everyone goes out to dinner 4. You can order yours right here. Magazines So many topics to choose from: Amazon gift card Amazon has everything a person needs in life. Picture frames The jeweled ones are the best! Pedicure gift card Relaxation, what?! Earbuds for working out Replace the white iPhone ones with a bright color to make working out more fun, or at least you can pretend Personalized coffee mug Starbucks gift card Mmmm, coffee!

It works great for both! Notepad A cute chevron print always goes over well. Apron For the chef in your life.

20+ Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers

25 Gifts That Make the Perfect Stocking Stuffers. Bigger isn't always better when it comes to gifts. 80+ Genius Stocking-Stuffer Ideas for Everyone on Your List. These gifts prove good things can come in small packages. And whether you’re just starting your Christmas shopping, or you’re on track but still have a few stubbornly uncommon people to buy for, we’ve got you covered with great stocking stuffers for foodies, geeky gadget lovers, wine fans, jewelry-lovers, gardeners, moms, dads, siblings, and friends of all kinds.