Top 10 Most Expensive Jeans Brand in The World

The following are top 10 most expensive jeans brands in the world: 7 for all Mankind: It is basically a denim brand which was introduced in the market in about

The use bids in the jeans like African beads make Gucci one of the most popular brands in the world.

Often the term
The following are top 10 most expensive jeans brands in the world: 7 for all Mankind: It is basically a denim brand which was introduced in the market in about
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Often the term
The following are top 10 most expensive jeans brands in the world: 7 for all Mankind: It is basically a denim brand which was introduced in the market in about

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It's been a year since his split with Vuitton and many in the industry have said that the designer's work had been relatively uninspired. His spring collection put a lot more pep in his runway step, though, revamping his luxury-funky image with bold geometric shapes, patent leather, and his trademark fishnet styles that celebrities like Miley Cyrus have walked the red carpet in.

His looks refuse to take a back seat. His pieces aren't always exactly timeless, but if you wear Marc Jacobs, you will definitely be noticed. Jacobs said, "That's what fashion is," he continued, "that complete addiction, obsession, that I've-got-to-have-it need until I basically wouldn't be caught dead in it. Fendi is an Italian-based multinational company that began in , by Adele Fendi and Edoardo. Despite being around for 90 years, Fendi didn't become quite the household name that is now until they went multinational in In , the brand announced they were making plans to use drones to show their catwalk shows.

Fendi is known for mixing classic pieces with a few-off-the-wall pieces, usually with fur, to make a bold statement. It doesn't get much more upscale than Hermes. The French designer has been around since Over nearly years, they've specialized in just about everything.

By , Hermès had 14 product divisions that covers leather, scarves, ties, men's wear, women's fashion, perfume, watches, stationery, footwear, gloves, enamel, decorative arts, tableware and jewelry, with over 30 percent of their sales going towards their leather department. Ralph Lauren is one of the names on this list that could be considered the most affordable.

Along with their higher end lines, they also have more affordable pieces like The Polo Sport Line which opened in , that are sold at more reasonably priced department stores like Macy's. The company was founded in by designer Ralph Lauren. The label has always excelled at creating modern and sophisticated looks out of sporty attire, always with a splash of vibrant color. The story behind Versace is one of success and tragedy.

Founding by Gianni Versace in , this luxury clothing company quickly shot to international fame within a decade. He figured out early on that getting stars to wear his pieces was crucial to the success of the label.

So, he managed to score clients who were some of the biggest names of the s including Madonna , Princess Diana , Elton John and Tina Turner. The name Versace skyrocketed, though, in when actress Elizabeth Hurley wore the famous safety pin dress on the red carpet that no one could stop talking about.

Just when Versace couldn't get any bigger, he was killed tragically by a serial killer in His sister Donatella Versace , took his place and the brand continues to be a major luxury label.

She was even responsible for the dress Jennifer Lopez wore to the Grammys that made all the headlines. If you can believe it, Burberry has been around longer than cars have. Thomas Burberry founded the company in in Basingstoke, Hampshire, selling high end outerwear. The company then opened its first store in , to huge success. The styles and designs are continuously changing according to the latest fashion and companies started to adopt them. There are also brands in market which are making it in very cheap price which are more purchased by the people.

Mostly people associate price with quality, the price of high quality product is always high which is not always true. The cost of it depends upon the quality, name of brand, material used and labor as well. In this article we will talk about most expensive jeans brands in the world.

The following are top 10 most expensive jeans brands in the world:. It is basically a denim brand which was introduced in the market in about It is also commonly called Seven Jeans.

They started their business only with women clothes but now very vast. It not only makes it but many other clothing items as well like shorts, skirts and jackets as well. Their products are sold in more than 80 countries like Asia, Europe and many others. It is very famous brand in terms of luxurious jeans. Their product comes up with silk pockets and further enhanced with precious stones, gold and diamonds as well which is the most appealing thing about this brand and their product can be used formally as well.

This brand completely ensures that their all products are made with best material and they also work in customized products according to the needs and requirement of their customers which is most liked by the people. It is basically an American brand which was introduced in the market in It is the best brand which offers its customers to customize the detailing of their product according to their requirements.

Mostly people add buttons according to their needs like with a diamond as well. It also offers a different range of faded jeans as they are in latest fashion and demand as well. They also use precious stones and diamonds on their commodity to make them look more different and precious as well.

Again here comes as very famous brand which also offers their customers to have their customized product to make them look different. They also offer commodity with some stones and gold chains on them to make them more formal.

This brand provides product on exact measurements and makes them fit on their waist. It is very famous brand and mostly called father of denim jeans.

Their jeans are getting better as the time goes on. This brand has given a new name to the merchandise industry in the whole world. It became popular in the fashion world especially celebrities within a short period, and quality, material, and innovative design helped it to reach the tenth position in the most expensive jeans brand in the world.

The popularity and top notch attribute of Earnest Sewn Custom Fit Jean make to stay at the 9th spot inexpensive jeans list. They are mostly known for their custom jeans that are integrated with innovative style quotient and stitching. These jeans have reached the closet of every high profile people, and the reason is its authenticity and exquisite fabric. The name Roberto Cavalli is an Italian fashion brand that has gained its fame due to its cult design and soothed fitting.

The price quote helps it to seal the 8th spot of most expensive jeans list but it worth every penny. The designers mold the jeans with the best material and modern design that boils down to produce a classy and luxurious outfit. Another excellent fashion brand that is known for its unconventional design, eye-popping features, and classic finish.

This brand got its name from the designer Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, who creates their product depending the origin or region of the customer. A customer who wishes to buy this excellent product has to make registration enter the queue. These jeans are also known for its faded style and butterfly design, and no other brand has been able to match the beauty of these designs.

According to most of the stylish, Gucci is the elegant and innovative fashion brand in the world. It stands in the 6th spot of the expensive jeans list although this brand is considered as the pioneer of style statements.

The use bids in the jeans like African beads make Gucci one of the most popular brands in the world.

Oct 09,  · Those who prefer their jeans durable will appreciate the label’s oz raw selvedge denim, while those who want something lighter and worn-in should opt for the 12 oz grade. To see how their denim distresses naturally, check out the brand’s Well Aged archives for what their jeans look like after months of wear. Shop our edit of men’s designer Jeans from luxury designer brands at Often the term "jeans" refers to a particular style of trousers, called "blue jeans" and invented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in Starting in the s, jeans, originally designed for cowboys, became popular among teenagers, especially members of the greaser subculture.